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This is a game about people on the frontier of human space. Out here corporations compete for dominance while colonists risk everything to carve out a better life.  Alien Dark is based on the Cthulhu Dark rules (by Graham Walmsley) modified to reflect the setting. While inspired by the Alien franchise and the Alien RPG (Free League Publishing) it could be adapted to other sci-fi horror setting, but GMs will benefit from buying both these games.

Players take the role of people working on the frontier of human exploration as colonists or ship’s crew.  They may have been scientists or colonial marshals or even marines before this, but now they are cogs in the corporate machine, being confronted with the harsh reality of the Frontier.

This is a game where the fate of any character is bleak.   Even the mechanisms that help vent stress provide only transitory, and often costly, respite.  Often that cost will be to another player character …

Online Character Keeper is here: 


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2020 04 Alien Dark Character Sheets.pdf 238 kB
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Impressed by alien dark: it's really a mix full of system, but I think it's serve the purpose, I'm in admiration.

Very happy to discover this game, this is what I was trying to put together as a system mix for horror.

Now the question: can we hack the hack? :p

All I ask is due credit for anything you produce based on Alien Dark and you make it as free as the original.

Thank you very much for the answer and for the game :)

Played a few excellent, excellent games. I think at least one PC should choose to roll their stress die every time just to add to the lethality :D 

Glad you're enjoying the game.

I try to introduce the option to seek relief from the horror very early, otherwise I find players are risk averse re: including their Stress die.  Once they realise seek relief is always a possibility if they can create even the hint of some fictional positioning, then they get braver in choosing to include their Stress die.

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I was thinking of our last game on the Durin. I should have been including stress dice every roll for our brave captain, I intended him to die after all.

This looks incredible. I'm a big fan of Cthulhu Dark, Trophy, and other siliar hacks. Can't wait to dig into this.

Hope you enjoy it ... let us know how it goes.


I've played in an Alien Dark game run by Alun and I had a fantastic time. It really captured the loneliness and hostile environment of space.


Quick to learn and easy to run. Well worth it. This game can easily mimic action movies/stories.